Claim Form (2015)
Claim Policy

Some Notes on Coil Claims:
Claims for customers’ expense for processing will be accepted when visually undetectable defects, such as poor zinc bond or hardness issues, are encountered. If surface or shape issues in the body should be seen in a master coil during the beginning of a processing run, a quantity of the coil, as much as 10% of it, should be run to establish the condition is not a short length defect. If the condition does not clear out, processing should be stopped and the processed portion of the coil cropped and held for credit; Optima should be notified immediately of the condition. Under no circumstances should the entire coil be processed after it has been found unsatisfactory.

Claims for damage or defects, which were apparent when the steel was accepted for its intended use and subsequently processed and shipped on to end users, will be denied.

Sidewall impact damage to coils can usually be successfully repaired at most coating facilities, but some vendors are unable to do so. If vendor is unable to mitigate the damage to the users’ reasonable expectations, the coil should be held without processing and Optima notified at once. Satisfactory repairs to damaged coils may include minor flaws which are acceptable yield losses.