Optima Steel International (OSI) is uniquely positioned to bring value to both customers and suppliers.

OSI has adapted to the concentration and globalization of the steel industry by forging a low-cost organizational structure – flat, responsive and very focused – committed to executing a unique business model. OSI establishes strong customer relationships based upon the reliability, consistent quality and timely delivery of its products.

OSI is committed to creating value for its customers. Whether it is developing consistent supply chains for niche “hard-to-source” opportunities, providing global options to supplement customary purchases, our expertise in supply chain development, logistics, international compliance or inventory management, OSI provides business solutions tailored to each customer. We develop strategies to maximize the quality, production and transportation economies to provide low-cost/high-value solutions.

Optima Steel International is dedicated to customer service. Our teams of account administrators are committed to meeting all of the needs of our customers. Information systems are an important component of OSI’s service commitment. The Company uses a proprietary software program called Steel Origins which enhances and streamlines its inventory management capabilities. Steel Origins provides a secure Internet based supply chain management tool that improves back office transactions and allows customers to obtain real time information on all deliveries. Steel Origins has created a unique information-sharing culture that has substantially enhanced and strengthened customer relations.